365 Movies By Day Reviews of Movies I Watch that I Feel Like Writing About


Disconnect (2013)

Following the pattern of such successful smashes as Crash, Traffic, and Babel (all of which earned Best Picture nominations with Crash winning the top prize) Henry Alex Rubin's (Murderball) first non-documentary film Disconnect is a movie that tells three distinct stories at the same time that have little connection with each other and only minor overlapping, but one in which many of its main actors are not on the screen at the same time. It's a formula that, when done correctly, is magical, but, when done poorly, can be a disaster. Disconnect was done right. It really is a daring movie and deals with not just one, but three of the most prevalent technological safety issues of the day in cyber bullying, security fraud/identify theft, and the predatory practices of recruiting minors to become online porn performers. Each story could probably be its own movie, but Disconnect does an awesome job of telling all three and showing the raw emotion associated with each. On top of that, the performances are top notch. And while this movie came in at 68% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, it earned only $1.4 million at the box office. Both are way to low for a movie of this magnitude, officially classifying Disconnect as a hidden gem that I think everyone should see.


2 Guns (2013)

2 Guns is not my type of movie because it isn't really sure what it wants to be. It doesn't really take itself too seriously, but it does contain relationships between the characters that do seem to be meaningful. At times, it's a terrible drama. At times, it's a comedy that isn't funny. At times, it's a lame attempt at a shoot 'em up in Quentin Tarantino style. It's lead actors are all over the place.  In short, it's a movie that doesn't know what it wants to be. It's also a movie that totally wastes the talents of two great actors like Denzel Washington (Training Day, American Gangster) and Mark Wahlberg (Shooter, The Italian Job). It's a little ironic because this was Washington's first movie since his outstanding performance in Flight and the last movie Wahlberg shot before his outstanding performance in Lone Survivor. I wouldn't go so far to say it's a movie that either of these actors wish they had not done, but it is a movie that I wish they hadn't done.