365 Movies By Day Reviews of Movies I Watch that I Feel Like Writing About


Pollock (2000)

Ed Harris (The Abyss, The Hours) delivers the performance of his career in Pollock, the story of American artist Jackson Pollock who revolutionized American painting in the 1940's New York City. Harris, who also directed the movie, portrays Pollock as an emotionally and mentally unstable  wreck of a human being whose personal demons were often overshadowed, or should I say overlooked, by his adroit skill in abstract painting. His use of dripping and splattering wild combinations of colors was unique and new and captured the attention of some of America's most notable artists, museum owners, and journalists.


Into The Wild (2007)

The Sean Penn (The Crossing Guard, The Pledge) directed Into the Wild had all the promise of a movie that could have lived in the lives of high school students around the country for years to come. The novel with the same name penned by Jon Krakauer is part of the high school curriculum in many school systems around the country. The movie is rated R. I've seen it twice. Had a couple of scenes been toned down, the movie could very easily have garnered a PG-13 rating, thus allowing it to be viewed in English class after the reading the book. I don't know if Penn thought about this when making the movie and, if he did, if he even cared. It is, however, food for thought.