365 Movies By Day Reviews of Movies I Watch that I Feel Like Writing About


Daddy’s Home (2015)

With apologies to the extremely funny The Campaign, first-time co-director John Morris and Sean Anders's (Horrible Bosses 2, Sex Drive) Daddy's Home is, ironically, Will Ferrell's (Old School, Step Brothers) best-starring comedy role since 2010's The Other Guys. It's not a movie I thought I would particularly like and one that I had serious doubts about as much as 20 minutes in (I hadn't laughed but maybe one time), but as the movie progressed it got funnier and funnier and by its conclusion it became a somewhat memorable movie that I wouldn't put on the "A-shelf" comedy list, but might find itself just a notch below. What made the movie work was the dynamics between Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (Lone Survivor, The Fighter) who didn't have quite the same chemistry they had when they teamed is partners in the buddy cop The Other Guys but were still pretty close. While Daddy's Home was 100% completely predictable, it didn't make it any less fun and while Ferrell and Wahlberg weren't exceptionally awesome in the scenes where they weren't together, it more than made up for during the scenes where they shared screen time.


The Campaign (2012)

Add The Campaign to the list of laugh out loud Will Ferrell (Old School, The Other Guys) movies. For as many misses as Will Ferrell has (like Case de mi padre, Land of the Lost, and Semi-Pro), he strikes gold just as often. He's not the draw that he was at the height of his career (between 2003-2005), but he still is able to make me laugh as well as any other actor out there. While he plays roughly the same type of character in most his movies. it doesn't make him any less funny. I do think he has goes overboard in some of his movies (Blades of Glory, Anchorman), but when he lets the script come to him, he's a lot of fun to watch on the screen.


The Other Guys (2010)

It's not going to get on many Top 10 lists (especially when released in 2010, the best year for movie releases in my lifetime), but The Other Guys is a fun movie. One of my only complaints about the great year for movies that was 2010 was that it lacked a great horror film and a great comedy. Though I have yet to see it, I thought Get Him To The Greek might be the comedy movie I was looking for. While that is a movie I will still see, I no longer think it has the potential to be the top comedy of 2010. I believe that ranking belongs to The Other Guys.


Everything Must Go (2011)

Everything Must Go was not Will Ferrell's (Old School, Blades of Glory) first attempt at anything more than silly humor. He did a great job has a socially awkward and isolated IRS agent in Stranger Than Fiction. In more of a subdued role (Winter Passing), Ferrell plays a would be musician. This movie was not as good and Ferrell looked out of place. While he can still crank out $100 million dollar laugh out loud comedies (2010's The Other Guys, 2008's Step Brothers), he is still trying to show the world that he can do more than just make people laugh. He does just that in Everything Must Go, a movie that has a few subtle laughs, but never feels like Ferrell is the one delivering the joke. In this regard, the movie did a nice job.