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Life (2017)

Wow! Life > Alien.!

Yup. You heard that right. 2017 is off to a tremendous start! January, February, and March typically combine for the worst quarter of the year for movies. I've been reviewing movies since 2010 and each year has confirmed this belief. I didn't anticipate 2017 feeling differently but is slowly happening. First, there was the surprising Split, which I personally wasn't a fan of, but one that did fantastic with audience and critics. Then there was Logan, which at the time of this writing is one of my five favorite Marvel movies ever. Sprinkle in the surprise hit Get Out, the quality reboot Kong: Skull Island, the live-action smash success Beauty and the Beast and you already have five movies that, won't necessarily be up for awards at the end of the year, but will be remembered as success stories for 2017. Now add a late March release of Life, the Jake Gyllenhaal/Ryan Reynolds vehicle that has been wowing potential audiences with both extended trailers and television advertisements during some marquee events. And for good reason. The trailer drew my interest and, barring a complete rejection by the critics, I knew this would be a movie that I saw in the theater. I am actually surprised by the 66% critics score and even more shocked by the 61% audience score. This movie isn't necessarily a thinker in terms that you're going to get confused, but it does make you use your brain to follow along. For this reason, I don't expect an audience score to be 95% or whatever, but I would expect it to be much higher. Perhaps it was a little slow for some people at times. I certainly did not think so. I was hooked from the beginning and thoroughly engrossed the entire 103 minute run time.


The Nines (2007)

The Nines did nothing to convince me that Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, The Amityville Horror) is this great actor that many people take him to be. I'm still waiting on one Ryan Reynolds movie that I actually enjoy. I'm expecting that I will enjoy The Green Lantern, but also understand that my enjoyment of this movie might be in spite of Ryan Reynolds and not because of him. I also suspect that I will enjoy Buried when I do eventually watch it. I have heard good things about his performance in that movie. As for now, Ryan Reynolds did absolutely nothing in The Nines to improve my perception of him as a lead actor.


Buried (2010)

There were two movies released in 2010 about a single individual trapped in a circumstance that most of us cannot even fathom much less be able to endure.  One of those was the Danny O'Boyle/James Franco Best Picture Academy Award nominee 127 Hours. The other one was a much lesser known and slightly lesser received effort of director first time director Roberto Cortes and Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, The Amityville Horror) called Buried. Who knows how Buried would have done if it had been released in any other year. Unfortunately for Cortes and Reynolds, it was released just months before true story 127 Hours came out. It just felt like there wasn't the market for both of these movies in 2010.