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American Sniper (2014)

In a year that hasn't had that many must see movies, American Sniper has proved that there is at least one reason to head out to the theaters. 2014 has been the most disappointing year overall for movies since 2008. Yet despite its absolutely horrendous start and some incredibly overrated movies (Birdman, Unbroken, Mr. Turner, Snowpiercer, Godzilla, even Boyhood to an extent) some movies did manage to live up to their expectations (Foxcatcher, The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game) and some movies managed to exceed the expectations that I had for them (The Drop, Nightcrawler, Kill the Messenger, and the surprise, feel good movie of the year Chef). But the movie that had the most pressure on its shoulders to perform was clearly American Sniper, the final released movie of the year. And while the movie did not exceed my expectations, it certainly met them in every single way. Now before I get into my review of the movie, I do want to make reference to a couple of observations.