365 Movies By Day Reviews of Movies I Watch that I Feel Like Writing About


The Wall (2017)

First things first, if you think you're going into this seeing a John Cena movie, you will be sorely disappointed. This movie is similar to a move like 127 Hours, Cast Away, I Am Legend, or All Is Lost in the sense that it revolves almost entirely around a single character. The are a couple of major differences though between this one and those just stated. There are no flashback scenes. This movie is done almost entirely in real time. And it occurs in a single location, though 127 Hours, for the most part, does as well. The Wall is similar though in the sense that each of the mentioned movies experiences EXTREME periods of hopelessness during a part or a majority of the movie. The Wall isn't nearly as good as these other movies, but it was unique enough that it held your interest. Whereas 127 Hours was based on a true story, where All Is Lost is easily believable, and where I Am Legend is more of a science fiction movie that we have to suspend our belief for, The Wall falls somewhere in between. I loved that it was just 81 minutes long. It didn't need to be any longer so why drag something out when it doesn't have to be? And the first 20 minutes were completely engrossing. I knew a little bit about the movie, but not enough to know where it was going. But then it took a turn for the weird that took the believability aspect out of it and turned it into a game of cat and mouse that, while entertaining, was not something I'd expect out of my war movies.


Trainwreck (2015)

I'd say that there is a pretty darn good chance that Trainwreck will go down as the funniest movie of 2015. There doesn't appear to be a ton of comedies this year and the one that I was most excited for (Vacation) looks like it's going to be a dud. Usually the great comedies of the year are released before September 1st. I have no evidence that backs up this claim, but it it seems like the really good movies that are reserved for the later portions of the year are the Oscar contenders. It doesn't mean that there aren't comedies that are released in October, November, and December, but it seems like, more often than not, these are average. I guess what I am implying here is that the funniest movies of the year have probably already been released and that Trainwreck seems to be the funniest of that group. I often make mention on my movie blog of the year 2010 which, I believe, is the best movie year in my lifetime. However, there wasn't that one hilarious comedy that you remember from that year. For me, the funniest movie that year was Get Him to the Greek, but that movie really had nothing on Trainwreck. Had it been released in 2010, Trainwreck would have made the year that much better.