365 Movies By Day Reviews of Movies I Watch that I Feel Like Writing About


Sicario (2015)

With three months left to go in 2015, we have a new contender for the best movie of the year and the name of that movie is Sicario. This movie is an amazing ride that will keep you thoroughly engrossed and guessing the entire time. Like a lot of the great movies over the last couple of years, the less you know about the movie going in, the more I think you'll like this movie. For me, this has been the case recently with movies like Ex-Machina, The Drop, The Gift, and Chef. All of these were unexpected surprises and each are movies that I plan on watching again in the future. The same can be said about Sicario. Once you know how the movie ends, you'll want to watch it again to try and see it again through a new set of lenses. It's intense. It's filled with drama. It will leave you with your mouth hung ajar. That is if you let it. This is a movie where you need to really pay attention. If you doze off for even a couple of minutes, you might miss something important. If you miss something important, you might feel lost. If you feel lost, you might get frustrated. But if you are willing to work as hard as the movie does, you'll be rewarded with one of the most exciting, well-crafted, and original movies that you are likely to find this year (or any year for that matter).


Everest (2015)

I know I am in a major minority when I give my review of this movie and I know there will be many who wonder what I'm talking about. But...this movie absolutely sucked. I realize that many have never seen a mountain climbing movie or, worse, have only the likes of Vertical Limit to compare it too. But before I get to far into my review of Everest, let me mention a few mountain climbing movies that I would watch a dozen times again before forcing myself to watch Everest. The most notable one to me is a recent one that most people have never heard of. It's the 2008 (or 2010 depending on who you ask) German released North Face (Nordwand). It takes a few minutes to get past the subtitles, but it's worth it. This movie is absolute horrifying in its detail of its climbers experiencing some of the most brutal physical elements in nature. There is also Touching the Void. There is also K2. Heck, I think I'd even put Cliffhanger up there as a more entertaining movie. And while it's not about reaching any sort of summit, the absolute best climbing-based movie is the fantastic 127 Hours, one of the best two hours you can experience with a film (side note...watch the director's cut). But as far as Everest goes, man did I have extraordinarily high hopes for this film. And it disappointed on just about every level.


True Grit (2010)

I am the first to admit that I am not as big a fan of Joel and Ethan Coen directed movies as most people are. While I did really enjoy Fargo (1996) and A Single Man (2009), I immensely disliked Miller's Crossing (1990) and Barton Fink (1991). While I thought No Country for Old Men was pretty good, I did not think it was close to being the best movie of 2007. Then there are the other Coen directed movies which I don't have any interest in seeing. These include Burn After Reading (2008), The Ladykillers (2007), Intolerable Cruelty (2003), or O Brother, Where Art Though? (2000). I appreciate a good western and once True Grit was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award, it became a no-brainer that I see the movie, despite my reservations about the Coens.